Friday, July 10, 2009

Judy's (jaw-dropping) Drop Cloth Drapes and Dining Room

Can you say that blog title 5 times fast? lol

I met Judy from Gracious Southern Living through the following post and have admired her creative talent ever since. She has a few awesome projects to show off and I wanted to share my favorite one today. Her DIY drop cloth drapes are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously - look! Do you see drop cloths? I don't. I see gorgeous window treatments and a lovely dining room. I long for a beach vacation and her table scape isn't helping!

Here are her blog post and photos:

"Since my re-do of my dining room I’ve been in a delimma about what to do about window treatments. I got some great suggestions from blogland and all of them were helpful. Of course, as always, budget was a factor but I didn’t want to “make do” or “settle” and be unhappy. I even bought a pair of gorgeous triple-width, lined and weighted silk drapes, hubby hung them, but they didn’t feel right. So down they came and back to the store they went.

After seeing how others have used the drop cloths as drapes, I thought, why not? I’d only be out of about $20 for a pair of them and I can customize them for my decor. So off to Lowe’s I went for my 6x9 drop cloths at about $9.00 a piece. I also replaced the “fat” curtain rod originally used at that window with a nice skinny black one. There was nothing to hanging them once the rod was installed, just used about 10 clip rings per panel and clipped the panels to those rings. While they looked good “plain” I wanted them to have a little more style so I bought a full size flat black sheet to use as a border. In the end, I cut about 30” off the drop cloths, made a 20” border for the bottom, and sewed them together. I didn’t even sew a hem but used good old stitchy witchy for the bottom and sides of the border. Since my sisal rug has a black border, I wanted to use black as the accent on the drapes. When hubby got home, he was real impressed, not to mention the total cost for this pair of window treatments ran me about $28.

Tell me what you think of my customized drop cloth drapes….

drop cloth drapes 013

drop cloth drapes 001

drop cloth drapes 002

The dog likes to chew on the window sill. We’ve had it scraped and painted several times but she still chews on it!

The texture on these panels is very much like linen….another plus!

drop cloth drapes 003

drop cloth drapes 004

Here you can see a corner of the sisal rug with the black border

drop cloth drapes 005

drop cloth drapes 009

drop cloth drapes 010

Hubby found the architectural piece over the window on the street and brought it home…..he says he’s “too good to me!”

drop cloth drapes 011

drop cloth drapes 012

drop cloth drapes 018

I went ahead and set the table using a coastal theme for the summer.

drop cloth drapes 014

The aqua star fish plates came from T.J. Maxx. The crystal are pieces we’ve picked up at auctions on the cheap!

drop cloth drapes 015

I love the mix of creams, whites, and that yummy robins egg blue

drop cloth drapes 016

drop cloth drapes 017

The silverware came from Big Lots, on sale of course!

I also have used this same window treatment in our bedroom and plan on customizing them with some kind of border as well. You know you’ll be seeing those down the road!"

Thanks for sharing Judy! Your entire dining room, not just the jaw-dropping drop cloth drapes, is an inspiration. Beautiful job!

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Fun and Fancy Free said...

All I can say is "STUNNING"

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

GORGEOUS! The whole room is beautiful, but $28 for a pair of drapes is unbelievable! Plus, no sew edges, right? That is my kind of project. I ADORE the side board. What a great finish and wonderful lines! Such a beautiful room!

Embellished Bayou said...

Her dining room is GORGEOUS! I love the natural elements and the seaside table!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Beautiful! Looks like something in a magazine! I agree - it is jaw-dropping! laurie

Amber said...

I love drop cloth drapes to begin with--but the addition of the black sheet border (which I love that she went super budget friendly there too) makes them look so expensive! Great job!

Barb said...

Love the bits of black that pull it all together.

Great job!!

Barbara Jean

Chris said...

OH. My. WORD!! I loved every detail of the room! I'm wanting to do the coastal theme in my dining room right now, and this was such a jumping off point for me! Thank you for sharing!!

Mrs. Querido said...

I bought drop cloths to use as drapes...I still haven't put them up yet! Thanks for the inspiration and kick in the pants I needed :) Gorgeous color scheme on the table!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

These are absolutely fabulous! One would never know they are drop cloths!

Jane said...

Your dining room is beautiful! Adding the black fabric was such an inspired idea. Every detail in your room flows together in such a pleasing way. I'd love to spend time here...

Jen R. said...

It looks fabulous!!!!!

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