Sunday, August 02, 2009

All Ready for Partying - A Party Patio (barn) Makeover!

I love participating in parties and I love Jen so even though this is an older post, I thought I'd dig it out, brush it off and "wear" it to the party!

I'm so excited to share my barn before/after pictures. This space was completely un-usable, except to store/throw junk. Now it's a functional clean party space hidden from the rest of the house and road. I'm still working on some additional DIY touches, but in the meantime, I think you'll agree that the transformation is a HUGE improvement.

To keep costs low since this area is only used for occasional entertaining, we re-used a lot of the things we discovered in the barn already (and more DIY coming). We also obtained a few things from estate sales.

Before (left side):
The "barn red" paint was faded to a really ugly pink. The 'floor' was dirt with broken bricks/pavers. There were LOTS of spiders.
We took out the crumbling brick and concrete pavers that formed a broken floor on top of dirt, some broken glass and weeds. We added paneled siding to the back wall and painted. We poured a concrete patio (professionals did that part since it was a large area).
My husband framed the door and the wreath was on clearance at Joann Fabrics for $8.
I've had these old looking milk bottles for years ... in the basement/storage.I also have special plans for the short table (hope to finish it this week).
The left side is still a work in updates coming in the future.

Before (right side):
Scary, huh?
Ready for the after of this side?

I love it. I changed my mind - it's not all about entertaining. This is a great spot to relax! The wicker furniture was picked up at an estate sale. Isn't the footstool the cutest? I didn't even bother with repainting it. I loved it the light faded blue that it is. I did give the wicker chairs a coat of white spray paint to freshen them up.
I sewed cushion covers with fabric I bought at Goodwill. (I'll spare you the nasty before picture.)
We found the old Coca Cola sign in the barn.
I made a table from a crate and old window we also found in the barn.

The other accents we got at estate sales (the book and gauge). The blue canning jar I confiscated from my brother. The bird house was hanging on the old grape arbor.
The only thing new is the birdie cloche I got at TJ Maxx a few months ago (how perfect for a barn!) and the white lantern (above).
I also ran out of time for replacing the hanging light bulb fixtures since I'm so indecisive. Since we have a BBQ coming up, my quick temporary solution was the paper lanterns (less than $2 on sale at Michaels). I already had the area rug too.
I did make a chalkboard from one of the old windows. It's not hung up yet, but here it is:
The tables looked liked this before. The first one was actually nailed to the back wall.

Tables/etc. now:
Now, with new legs and paint and a "found" bench...they're perfect for picnics, cookouts and to use as a buffet table.

Here is the transformation one more time:

New Back Wall

New Concrete Patio

Russ tries out the paint sprayer

And now....

I do have a huge wall to decorate yet too and I'll share details as they happen.

Edited to add:
Remember this?
It's the mantel I found in the loft of the barn. I'm pretty sure it's original to the house.

It was filthy-dusty. The paint job also looks like it's 80-years-old. For now it just got a major scrubbing and I think I like the finish. Very rough old paint. I think it'll go here. What do you think?

This post is brought to you by Tunstall Garden Buildings, manufacturers of timber garages and other quality garden buildings.

Consider a fire pit to enjoy your outside space.


downhomeliving said...

Very nice I loved it all!



Michelle said...

What a gorgeous transformation! I love the table you made using an old window. Lots of great ideas! I picked up the chicken wire cloche after I saw it featured on Layla's blog @ The Lettered Cottage.

ImagineCozy said...

I want one of these! Such a great place for comapany and to relax.

Cindy at PlantSomeRoots said...

Found your blog today! Love your transformation on your space. And I agree...not only a place to entertain, but to relax in. Thanks, I'll be back!

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Wow what a transformation! I love the table you made out of a crate! I like paper lanterns - I always thing they look so festive! You guys have done such a marvelous job!


Kammy said...

Happy Day !
LOve what you did - You Go Girl !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Roeshel, what a fablous transformation! Everything looks fabulous! Love how you repurposed the crate into a table! Everything looks so fresh and crisp!

Thanks for sharing!


C said...

You did a fabulous job roeshel!! Love it!

The White Farmhouse said...

This is just absolutely gorgeous! I also want a barn now. You are my hero!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

I love it! What a transformation you did. My kind of gal. It's really nice to meet you.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Amy Lynne said...

My goodness! What a transformation! You guys will be the new party house for family and friends! It is truly a wonderful space!

DianeTaylor said...

Holy crap - I cannot believe that is the same space.......AMAZING transformation!!!!!! I esp love all the accents, that little stool is too cute, I love the little pop of color.

Sarah said...

Holy makeover, Batman!!! I can't believe its done!!! Yay, I'm so happy for you, worked so hard. I can't believe you turned that old nasty (no offense) space into such a cozy, lovely quaint hang out. It seriously looks like something you would see on Martha Stewart!!! I looove everything in white (with the pop of the little blue stool). I would not have had the vision to see what this area could become. You should be really really proud!!!!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!
First of all, I don't even need to tell you how I feel about this, because you already know. I will anyway though, just'cause I love ya'. It is absolutely, undeniably, perfectly fabulous!!! Love, love it! I wish I could be there to see it in person, and to enjoy it with you. Your family will be flabbergasted (spelling?). You know what I mean, even through my bad spelling. ;) Are there electrical outlets available? Because twinkly (or not) christmas lights on white strands would be amazing running the distance of the ceiling at night. Just a suggestion for future use. It is perfection right now!!! ;) Look out! You may wake up one morning and find me having coffee back there. There's a happy surprise, huh?! Squatters in your party patio. ;)
Love it, girlie! Have a fantastic day! I'll talk to ya' soon.

Jennygrl said...

I love it, I wish I had a place like that to entertain. You did an awesome job.

Piper said...

Wow! What a wonderful space now! You have done alot of very hard work. I love all the clean fresh white. That ottoman really pops and is so cute there. I love it all! Great work!

~~Carol~~ said...

I'm so have a barn and I don't! The transformation is incredible, and is going to be such a great setting for parties or just hangin' out! Love it!!

Michelle said...

WOW...what a fabulous, inviting seating area! I just love it.

Also love the idea of the window sash as a table top..I've got several old windows in our barn that I rescued from the trash!

Fabulous...absolutely gorgeous!

Kathleen said...

What a great space you have created! I love what you have done, and I bet it is only the beginning!
Enjoy it!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Wow, wow, I just love what you've done & what a great space for a party now. Love all those vintage touches and painting everything white is the trick here. You've done an outstanding job on this space. I just love it. I can see this in Country Living!

Deanna said...

Like what you've done with the place!
What a huge difference this paint job has done.
Thrift finds are great.
Thx for sharing on Met Monday.
I posted for the first time this week.
Blessings from Kansas,

junkgarden said...

I have always, always, always wanted a barn in my backyard. I want to have barn parties! I LOVE everything you have done. It looks fabulous. Lucky!

The DIY Show Off said...

Thanks so much you guys. I love hearing comments - it's been a crazy summer of "work"! If we stand back and look at it, it looks like a giant doll house with 1 open wall. lol

Have a great day!

Brenda said...

I am totally impressed! And I love the old Coca Cola sign! Always wanted one of those. You know something? I keep having this recurring dream that I move into this place full of treasures like you've apparently gotten hold of!

Embellished Bayou said...

Y'all did a fabulous job! I know the party will be spectacular and you will get to keep enjoying the space for years to come.

Domestic Addiction said...

It looks great!

Hirondelle Rustique said...

Roeshel you are a woman after my own heart! I love old barns and how you've updated your patio is beyond fantastic. I LOVE all the white and the rustic touches! Those milk bottles are really neat. And kudos to you for not running away from all those spiders! (eek!) I would have anyways lol.

Jen said...

What an AMAZING transformation. I love love love how you painted everything white and then left the stool for that POP of color. It is just simple, clean, beautiful!!! Have I said I love it yet? lol, It is stunning.

Amy Kinser said...

I love this. You are doing a great job.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ok, I think you get the makeover of the day award! Well done.

Brad the plumber said...

Great article. Looks great!

Mrs. Petrie said...

I know you've worked so hard on this area! It came out beautifully!!! :) You'll have to take lots of pictures of people enjoying the space and let us see how it worked out.

Brad the Builder said...

Thats absolutely brilliant. Good job

for the love of a house said...

Day-um you're good! I think it's a wonderful transformation! I too love your little blue footstool (have a thing for little footstools!)Great job- now go party!!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

So beautiful, chic, and peaceful!!

Jen J. said...

It looks AMAZING - now I know why you have been talking about it all summer!!

Richella said...

What a great project! This is a wonderful transformation. I love the fact that you kept things rustic, yet it all looks very chic. And you re-purposed things that you found in the barn--how cool is that?! Great job! Congratulations on your new space.

Little Lovables said...

wow,extremely well done!

Jen R. said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Heather at We Are Five said...

That looks A-MAZING!
Great job!! Love the mantle!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely fantastic! Props to you for being able to see through that 'before' mess. I'm pretty good at it, but even that, I would have wondered if it was possible.

Everything looks SO beautiful. I love barn style, and you guys nailed it. Love all of the old & new, mixed together.

Mind if I feature this on my blog? I just love it so much!

awal.ny said...

Wow what a transformation. The before and after pictures sure show how much work you did. Now it is time to sit down, put your feet up and enjoy an ice tea, you deserve it.

Amy Gilman and Emily Lee (Sisters of the Wild West) said...

absolutely amazing! i didn't see ALL that potential in that space. great job. thanks for sharing. inspires me to clean out my basement walkout covered in leaves and SPIDERS!

glorystory said...

That looks like really hard work with a great payoff Roeshel! It inspires me to want to take on the spiders and dirt on my side porch. You must be tired from all that work, sit down and's gorgeous!

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