Saturday, June 20, 2009

House Number Flower Pots

Our home sits back from the road and with two driveway entrances, I wanted to make it easier for first time guests to find us.

I don't have a before picture, but I purchased terracotta posts from WalMart.

I used my favorite trigger spray paint, Universal Hammered Metal in Hammer Brown that I used on our herb garden urn.

(Sneak peak of flower/window box project too!)

I then ordered vinyl house number from etsy seller, VinylVineyard and applied 1 to each pot. After that I added a coat of satin finish lacquer.

And here is my completed project. Our house sits back from the road and is surrounded by bushes with the house numbers only displayed on the mailbox. So, this is our way of helping first time visitors find our home!

*Another sneak peek at the window boxes. Installation pending concrete patio.

Update: The concrete bench along with the concrete urns and a cast iron birdbath were treasures (hidden in overgrowth that we couldn't even see until we cleared it out) came with our home.I was clapping and shouting "Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!" when Russ was moving it. Thankfully it's 3 pieces but,

Lesson for the day: When husband is lifting a very heavy and awkward stone bench, do NOT make him laugh unless he is wearing steel-toe boots.

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Jan said...

I LOVE the house number idea! Fabulous!!!

Jan said...

Did I mention that my house number is 2? Just 2.....

Jan said...

I forgot to mention that my house number is only one digit....2 That should make the project much easier, huh?

Rebecca and Alex said...

Love this idea...have a mailbox "tower" out in the MIDDLE of my front yard...gonna do thisnext to it! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hammered metal...use it on everything...most fav has to be light switch plates. Saved myself hundreds of dollars!

Holly said...

I'm assuming they would have notified you, but just wanted to let you know I saw this in a current Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication. Possibly Do It Yourself, but there was one other I was looking at. I knew I had seen it on a blog!

Adem said...

Wow, this is a really cool idea! Smart and budget savvy, I love it! I only have two concerns though. First, if the flowers grow too big then passers-by might think your house is No. 10 or some such. The other concern is that if your plants were to die (winter), this may give the wrong impression of your home..?

One solution could be to use a house number sign that has a very long lifetime, or even one with a guarantee. There are some really beautiful address numbers at that might do the trick.

Also, I like your bath makeover. The stenciled rug looks authentic! (Voted +1)

Annie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I love the little bench it sit on. We have set up a link on our blog. Thanks!!

Deborah said...

So cute!!
Great idea!!
And so practical too!

Deborah :)

Sheila said...

Hi Roeshel! I'm Sheila, from Brazil! I loved this idea, so cute! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is delicious!

eleven-o-one creations said...

I love this idea. May just have to try it!
fran @ eleven-o-one

Blue Velvet Chair said...

Roeshel - I've landed on a post all the way back here in 2009...but there was kharma at work. My photos of my mosaic pot this week are taken on our front-yard stone bench, made from discarded granit pieces found at a local stone store. Your painted house number pots on the bench (LOVE you still have them?) gave me an immediate feeling of my own bench. AND...I know exactly the movie scene you are talking about when you say "Hercules, Hercules, Hercules" - and I can see you clapping your hands and raising your voice when you do it (the family dinner where Eddie Murphy plays several roles)! I do the SAME thing over here with my girlfriends!!!

Debbie aka Mrs. DP3 said...

Great idea. It all turned out so pretty. I'd love to do this for our grandparents' homes. Thanks for the idea.

linda said...

Oh how I wish my house sat far back from the street!

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