Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Beautiful Kitchen Makeover Story (Our Creative Life)

One room that we haven't gotten to yet is our kitchen so I'm super excited to see this makeover from Darlene at Our Creative Life - so inspirational. She's done a beautiful job on a great budget. Here is her post and before & pretty after photos:
 Our Creative Life

We did this kitchen remodel all ourselves with exception of having the granite counters made & installed. If you would like to know how we refinished the cabinets step by step click HERE.

What we spent:

Cabinet Feet-$90
Silgranite Sink-$284
Price Pfister Marielle Stainless Steel Faucet,Sprayer, and Soap Dispenser -$135
New Venetian Gold Granite-$2237.50
2 Rattan Chairs -$200
Recessed light-$10
Crown Molding-$48
wood appliques-$7
tumbled marble backsplash, grout,adhesive, & sealer -$300
chalkboard- frame was $2, chalkboard paint -$10
Oil Rubbed Bronze drawer pulls- $4 each/$32
OIL Rubbed Bronze door knobs- .90 cents each/$11.70
Whirlpool Side by Side Refridgerator -$1150
Hidden Hinges - $140
Under Cabinet Lighting -$60
Bottom Edge of Cabinet Trim - $20
6 Baskets -$75

TOTAL $4895.20

So that you can appreciate the AFTERS, I have to show you what the kitchen looked like before. This is the kitchen we installed ourselves when we bought the unfinished home back in 1993. Golden Oak was popular back then and tile was top of the line. We finished our home ourselves on a cash basis...and we didn't have any cash, so it was done on whatever we managed to save each month. Every month we would tackle another project to complete our home. All the while we lived in our unfinished home. It took us 10 yrs to complete the home! We have lived in our home now 17 yrs and last year decided to update the kitchen. Actually our 2 daughters said, "Hey, our home looks great, but when are you going to redo the kitchen?" We thought, "WHAT, our kitchen is fine!" That is what we thought until we saw photos of it and realized we needed to work on updating our kitchen..UGH! The work on a home never ends!!!

OK, don't laugh...our breakfast nook did look better in person.

Goodbye Golden (orangy) Oak!!!

Now without further ado...........

Our New Kitchen

Cream cabinets with subtle glazing
oil rubbed bronze knobs
tumbled marble backsplash
New Venetian Gold Granite
Took cab. doors off above microwave & added baskets
Did the same over the fridge (it's so much easier now) Totally recommend doing this!!

Hubby built this (it is the pedestal at the breakfast nook)
Added wood appliques for some interest on the false drawer fronts
Hey check out my legs...I painted the kickboard black to make it disappear and added bun feet to make the cabinets look like freestanding furniture...the custom look!
Crown molding was added by my talented hubby
I made the chalk board from a frame I got at a garage sale for $2
Showing the beadboard added to breakfast nook pedestal hubby built
My pretty feet! One of my favorite things we did in our kitchen! $90 well spent!
Our 13 yr old dog...Shelby enjoying the new kitchen!
closeup of the backsplash, switch plate cover
This is my other favorite...my Cafe Brown Silgranit Sink!! LOVE the size & depth!!
Faucet, Sprayer, & Soap dispenser is by Price Pfister Marielle in Stainless Steel

I made the Farmer's Market sign just for that area...oh and our last name is Farmer so it is PERFECT for us!

This is looking into the kitchen from the dining roomCloseup of beadboard and bottom of cabinet trim

Oh, the color of the walls is SW Clary Sage
My KitchenAid mixer looks great in the new kitchen!
Isn't this breakfast nook so much better than our old one?!!
The seagrass chairs are from World Market
I choose those so they would tie in with the baskets above the microwave, fridge
Large cream/wrought iron vase is from Pier One
(did you know that I LOVE vases..I do)
Hope you enjoyed the photo tour of our new kitchen!

Darlene! It's fabulous and so motivational! I have orangy gold cabinetry. I LOVE your new look. They're gorgeous! The countertop and your new sink are awesome. I love the little extra touches and that backsplash! And those feet! I definitely have to copy this idea. I'm so inspired. Your transformation looks SO much more expensive than what you spent. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to show my husband so we can move our kitchen project up on the DIY to-do list! :)

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Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

WOW! This kitchen is phenomenal! My faves: the drawer pulls, the sink, and the tumble marble backsplash. I always thought I wanted a white subway tile backsplash, but now I think I've changed my mind :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a pretty kitchen! My kitchen needs some help right now. I need to take another look at all of your pictures.
Thanks for visiting and reading along. Hope I don't get to boring for you.:)

{ L } said...

Wow!! What a perfect kitchen makeover! That breakfast nook is my favorite. :) Your before and afters are amazing. It looks like a lot of hard and detailed work. How exciting and thank you for sharing.

STELLAandHODGE said...

wow, great job! It looks beautiful and I LOVE that sink

Ashlee@Workman Witticsims said...

This is a Beautiful Makeover!! Great Job!! My husband and I are about to tackle a tile backsplash for our kitchen!! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Nester said...

My favorite thing is the feet she added for her cabinets. Fantastic kitchen remodel!

Embellished Bayou said...

What a fabulous improvement! Those orangey oak cabinets were giving me flashbacks of my own "before" kitchen! I love the new painted/glazed look!

morgan said...

WOW! This is a beautiful
transformation! That was $4895.20 well spent! :) Good job!

Mama Thompson said...

AMAZING!!! And some great ideas as I plan my kitchen remodel...thanks for sharing!

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Wow this looks so great! I love the feel of this room and how it turned out. What a nice contemporary look.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Thank you Roeschel for featuring our kitchen remodel! It was a nice surprise when I discovered you had featured it!

Thank you ladies for all the wonderful comments on the kitchen! It's amazing how some elbo grease & some paint can transform a space!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Amazing!! This one could win a prize! I love how the make the cabinets were made to look like furniture. Really a great one!

Lisa said...

Super amazing! Some people spend 10's of thousands of dollars and this was less than 5,000 with accessories! Well Done! It is very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, lisa

Maya@Completely Coastal said...

Great details she added to the cabinetry. So timely too, because we're redoing our kitchen right now!

pk said...

Awesome! They did such a great job and it's beautiful. I'm sure the fact that they put so much hard work into it makes it that much more special to them. Thanks for "showing it off!"

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Wow, it looks great! I love a good kitchen redo, always so inspirational! :)

~ RM said...

Wow. I love this kitchen! The attention to detail never ends! So impressed!!! My fave is the sign, and the cabinet feet, oh, and the bead board. I really like it all- Great job!

Hirondelle Rustique said...

I'm in love with this entire kitchen! WOW! That color granite is my favorite too. What a stunning makeover!

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

An amazing job! I love the bun feet on the cabinets- the tumbled brick backsplash is wonderful too! Oh to have a kitchen like this- will my 50's metal one ever get there????


Robert Petril Jr said...

What a wonderful job you've done with your kitchen. And, on that budget is amazing! So well done!

courtneyhelman said...

Wow, this looks so beautiful, and I am SO impressed with how economical it was!!!

S.P. said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful, I love the small details...I do have to ask what kind of trim you used for the bottoms of the upper cabinets? We have been sprucing up our kitchen and I think that trim would be perfect.

Roeshel S said...

S.P. - please visit the original post at http://www.ourcreativelife.blogspot.com/. I featured this kitchen, but the makeover is that of Darlene at Our Creative Life. I'm sure she'd be able to give you more specific details!



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