Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Electric Fireplace Before and After - DIY at the Wright House!

Happy Wednesday!  1/2 way through the week!  Today's DIY Show Off feature is Natalie from 
the wright house
Isn't that header adorable?

First up, Natalie had one of these electric fireplaces.  Red mahogany and glossy:
To see the tutorial of how they transformed it, visit "Electric Fireplace Before and After".  The result is amazing!

Here she is in all of her gorgeous white and distressed dress:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the barnwood mantel!
Natalie's DIY and decorating don't stop there.  Visit The Wright House to see more.  Here's a few sneak peek from her beautiful home tour
More to drool over...

I want this entire corner in my home... don't even need your amazing talent for photography to make your pantry look's heavenly!

I swear there is TONS more of her beautiful style to see in her home tour - SO.MUCH.INSPIRATION.
I'm so envious of her vintage accents/collections!

and oh my! You must see the kids' rooms and laundry room. And living room. And kitchen. And - oh just her entire home. I want my house to look like hers when it grows up and gets finished. 

Guess what's behind this antique window turned mirror/door?

Lucky girl has a mail sorter!

Mudroom full of charm.  Look at that chippy old happy door!
You're heading over there now to see her DIY talent, right?  I was tempted to include lots more, but you'll have to visit her (warning:  you'll need an hour or so because there's so much to see). Tell her I said "hello"!

Ps. Once you're done there, (and I hesitate to tell you this because I have to make the time to go there first!) but she's also got a cute shop!  Don't empty it before I've had a chance to shop too!


Coley said...

On my way to see her place! Awesome photos :)

Natalie Wright said...

Wow! That is the coolest house EVER!

Okay, I might be a little biased since it is mine.

Thanks for the feature Roeshel!

Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

LOVE Natalie's blog! I'm excited to see her featured here!

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