Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roomspiration - Craft Rooms

Have you been following along and participation in the Roomspiration series?  Today it's Craft Rooms hosted by Shan from

You MUST see her awesome craft room! It's so organized and pretty and you'll drool!

My craft room/office combo is actually in the works. I'm in the process of moving my office/craft room upstairs (to be able to close the door when it's a disaster) and create a pretty guest bedroom downstairs. I just emptied this room:

Before (although the twin bed has been gone for about a year)

Now that room is completely empty.  When we moved in, we removed the gross carpet and just live(d) with plywood.
(cleaning out in progress...)
The mood board I created is intended for this room! 

And there wasn't a door on the bathroom!  We added one soon after we moved in and it's time to add trim to this side of the door frame. The opening on the right used to be a walk-through closet. It's now our laundry room. (Another project one of these days!)

Okay - enough about the guest room! Back to the craft room!

Most of my craft junk has been moved into our unfinished family room.  It looks like this...YIKES!  Where does all that stuff come from?!!!
Just keeping it real!  The family room is another project on our DIY list.

However, here's where what I'm keeping is all getting moved to, everything in it's place...

I'm not quite finished and it's all just moving, re-organizing, sorting and purging and using things I already had into a room that didn't need re-painted at this time.  I still have to move my sewing machine in here. Nothing new in the room but it really needed organized and downsized and I love the way just a new location with old things feels fresh and new, don't you?

See more real craft spaces and link up your own at Family Brings Joy.

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The DIY Show Off said...

You know when you have a blog addiction problem? When you wait for comments of reassurance and feel insecure when there aren't any.

Remember that blogging is for yourself and smile because you've accomplished something and have been productive and blogging is motivation in that way. Just because there aren't any comments doesn't mean someone isn't reading. ;)

Now look. I have a comment! haha!
If you're here...thanks for stopping by!

Kathy C. said...

haha... to your "own" comment! I read your blog religiously. Usually while I'm at work, so I don't always get a chance to comment. But I had to for this one. {not even in response to yours!} Actually I've been considering turning our office into a craft room and yours is so inspiring! I love all the baskets for organization! I bet you get extremely motivated to work in there! I'm inspired! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the amazing blogging too... some of us are out here diligently reading lol.

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

Wow Roeshel, what a dramatic change! It looks amazing. I love all the storage you've created. Baskets are, sometimes, my best friend. heehee = )

~ Catie

Desiree Guy said...

:):) that was cute!! I love your new craft room! We are moving to a larger house in a few months & I can't wait to set up a craft room! And I had to comment when I spotted that little bench from Target, with the french top? I have been back 3 times now to see if it will go on sale..LOL


Shan said...

This is plenty drool! I love it! You are too funny! The gallery wall is beautiful and you are very organized. The baskets are incredible. You will enjoy being able to shut the door when it is a mess. ;) I have so enjoyed getting to know you better Roeshel. You are a very genuine & lovely gal. Hopefully in the future we can meet sometime & "party" together in real life.

One Charming Thing said...

I love your space and what you've done with it! (Lucky girl)! Can you tell me about your baskets? I'm having trouble finding affordable ones, and affordable AND matching seems just about impossible.

Thanks so much and great job!

email: bnshe at q dot com

The DIY Show Off